I Started my First Business When I was 13
In our first 9 months we sold our first 6 figures! 
Written by Makayla Prince


 It’s Makayla, and the story I’m about to tell you is crazy! So get ready! But first I have a question for you. How many of you know of a person who sleeps in till noon all the time?? Like, every chance they get they are sleeping. Well, that was me when I was 13. I was sleeping in till noon, not getting any of my chores done, reading all day, and when I wasn’t reading I was hanging out with friends! I thought I was living the best life ever! But my parents thought differently…

One morning beautiful morning while I was laying in bed reading, my parents came up to my sister and me and said that they were tired of us sleeping in and not being productive. So they told us they had come up with three different ideas for us. 

My 3 options were...

  • Move out of the house
  • ​Do more chores
  • ​Start a business
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