About Makayla
Hello there! As you can tell my name is Makayla! 
Some interesting things about me include, I love anything outside! I'm a band geek, I was given the entrepreneur bug, thanks mom... I even learned how to sell over $100,000 in 9 months on my own!  Check out my site, iscarf2.com.  My sis and I currently run the site.  
I love serving others and trying anything and almost everything! I love taking pictures of everything and anyone, so let me know if you want to do a shoot!
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Do You Know How Many Gum-Balls You Could Buy With That?!
Written by Makayla Prince
The day that I found out how much $100,00 is actually worth, changed my life for ever!
So as you guys know I started my first business and in the first 9 months I made over $100,000. This number was a little hard for me to comprehend at the time. So my parents sat me down and showed me this. So when I would babysit they parents would pay me $5 and hour and they said, let's take this $100,000 and divide it by $5 to show you how long this would take to earn if you were babysitting. It would take 20,000 hours to make this babysitting. Then we divided it by 4 hours, the typical time you babysit, and it was a total of 5,000 days to make $100,000 babysitting. That is definitely not the way I want to spend my time. Then it hit me! I finally understood how much $100,000 really was! And the first thing that came out of my mouth was “ Do you know how many gumballs you could buy with this?!” I was so excited, but you know my parents being the good parents they are put all that money in the bank and its saved for college so I can’t touch it till I’m in college.