About Makayla
Hello there! As you can tell my name is Makayla! 
Some interesting things about me include, I love anything outside! I'm a band geek, I was given the entrepreneur bug, thanks mom... I even learned how to sell over $100,000 in 9 months on my own!  Check out my site, iscarf2.com.  My sis and I currently run the site.  
I love serving others and trying anything and almost everything! I love taking pictures of everything and anyone, so let me know if you want to do a shoot!
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It All Started At Old Navy...
Written by Makayla Prince
Working for someone stinks. I found this out the hard way.
Over this summer I was swamped with marching band! It was so hard to work on my business and participate in band. Towards the end of the summer, band started to calm down and I had time to work, so I started to work for my mom. I know it sounds pathetic but it was so much fun! I made lots of friends. My mom and I agreed to $8 an hour, that was a mistake on my part but oh well. I work for a while from 8-5 every week. Finally, it was time to take my earnings and go buy the things I needed for back to school. Our first stop was Old Navy, I found a pair of pants and two sweaters that I was excited to wear! We went to go check out and it came to $90! I wasn’t willing to pay $90, that was like half of my earnings! But I did it anyway, I walked out of the store and my mom asked me what’s wrong? I told her nothing was the matter, but using her special mom powers she knew something was wrong and told me I was having buyer's regret and that I should take it back. So I did and realized that it sucks working for someone else and getting paid a little over minimum wage, working for yourself and creating your own wage is a lot better!